Saturday, April 5, 2014


Who or what is God? Who am I? What is truth?

So many people are so confused. 
If you pick up a magazine, you see articles about UFO’s and advertisements for fortune tellers, psychics or astrologers. 

There has to be something more, something or someone out there. 

There is great confusion all around but also a deep hunger for spiritual reality. 

Fifty years ago, socialist atheism was very popular. The supernatural dimension of life was explained away as primitive superstition. There was a great power struggle between Socialist Atheism and Democratic Capitalism. 

The news media are full of politics and economics but our hearts are sick and our souls are left empty.

  • You and I long for a sense of supernatural reality, to know there is something waiting for you after you die. You go to a funeral and people talk with a vague wishful longing about what that special someone is thinking up there. 
  • People are hungry for adventure, so they do crazy and dangerous things that put them in wheelchairs. 
  • The tame orderliness of our materialist society is driving us crazy. 
  • Plasma TV screens and super fast internet create fleeting glimpses of superficial excitement. 
  • But hi tech entertainment cannot compensate for the frustration of senseless red tape, control freaks in work places, broken family relationships and lives without purpose. 
What is the answer? 

The traditional Christian explanation is sin. What is sin? Turning away from the only true God.

  • The trouble is, that people look at Christians and often they do not see enough supernatural drama to make them think this God is worth turning back to.
  • Unfortunately there are some Churches like food companies that sell tasteless milk with water added.

Why don’t you read the story of Jesus for yourself? Jesus was never boring or mediocre.

  • Jesus went to a wedding and turned water into wine. 
  • Jesus went to funerals and bodies came to life.
  • Jesus went to “church” (the Jewish synagogue) and scandalised the leaders by performing healing miracles in deliberate defiance of the rules and doctrine of his day, and he did it over and over again.
  • Jesus met a demon possessed maniac and instantly transformed him into a sane and immensely influential evangelist.

Many churches today don’t want to have their tame routines interrupted by people screaming as demons are driven out of them.

  • I know a man who interrupted church routines by healing sick people and he had to leave his church. 
  • Real Christianity can and will dramatically show people who Jesus really is.
  • Everywhere there are also Christians in churches and not in churches, believers who long to rediscover real Christianity.

There are real followers of Jesus today who do what Jesus did, making friends with social outcasts and prostitutes, visiting suicidal people and loving them back to a life of hope and meaning.

  • I know a group of women in Germany who decided to do something about human trafficking. They regularly visited brothels and in one year they helped four women escape from prostitution and return to their homes and families.

For the last few years I have been involved with a church where we expect the unexpected and we are not disappointed. 

I have a friend who sacrificed his life to show people the love of Jesus. He spent his savings preaching and teaching about Jesus in a poor country and he died before his time, exhausted. 

 Before he died, he was ministering in a small church. He spoke to a girl who came to church and he asked her if she was happy. She said she was a Hindu and he said she was welcome. He gave her a New Testament to read. She read it and was impressed but did not understand many things. 

One night Jesus walked into her room and told her to pick up a pen and paper. She wrote the message Jesus gave her and she became a believer.

Jesus is the Eternal Creator, the Son of the Heavenly Father.

  • If you meet Him personally, your life will never be the same again.
  • Why not ask Him to come to you and show you who He really is?

"Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. Matthew 7:7 (NIV) 

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