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Strategic Prophetic Word - Europe - Germany

by Rick Joyner
May 31, 2002

Germany is one of the most strategic nations on earth, both spiritually and economically, and will again be a great military power. This is a nation of doers that must have a vision. Without a clear and noble vision, racism, national intolerance of others, anger, and cruelty will again sink its roots deep into the German culture and seek to direct its future. Steered with strong and noble leadership, Germany can become a powerful force for good in the world, healing the many ethnic conflicts within Europe and the Middle East. One thing that Germany will not be is neutral.

There is a calling on Germany to continue spearheading the Reformation of the church. Because of this the enemy is seeking to raise the level of religious intolerance and suspicion of all but mainline religious groups to thwart this nation's ultimate purpose.

Spiritually and politically there are many leaders arising in Germany that are truly a new breed. These have been patiently waiting for their time, maturing in their vision and resolve. They will soon be ready to lead. However, there will be a great battle between the forces of liberty and those of intolerance and tyranny. The direction the government takes in relation to religious liberty will be the direction it takes in regard to political liberty as well. Germany will either have true freedom or again be subject to oppressors.

If Germany chooses freedom, there is a strong enough moral center in the cultural heart of Germany that will not continue to tolerate the moral and spiritual pollution that is now the norm for much of Europe. Germany will then begin to set a separate course from the rest of Europe. Germany has one of the greatest potentials of any nation on earth to build a free society that is not overcome with moral corruption and pollution. Of all the people on earth who have a law in their hearts, Germans are near the top. They want to do what is right, and with the right spiritual and political leadership they can become one of the greatest moral nations on the earth.

The great danger for such a strong and resourceful people is that when the devil sees he cannot stop them in a matter, he will get behind them and push them too far. Becoming reactionary and extremists will always be a danger for this nation, but becoming a nation of noble and decisive action is its calling.

Even though Satan has tried to place his throne in the heart of Germany, Germans will be some of the first to respond to the gospel of the kingdom of God, and to bow before the throne of the King of kings. Germany is called to bring life and healing to all the places the devil has used them to bring destruction and death.

German leaders will one day join with the spiritual leaders of Britain and Russia to form a cord of three strands that will not be easily broken. Germany will also become one of the greatest friends of God's purpose for Israel and the Jewish people. Israel will love Germany and Germany will love Israel. These two nations are more alike than any two nations on earth at this time, and they will soon "discover" each other in a wonderful and powerful way.
Rick Joyner, 5/31/2002

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