Sunday, September 22, 2013


There are deep longings inside you. There must be something more to life. Something in you says: 

“Is that all there is?”

Here and there some light bursts through the clouds of routine life and daily frustrations. Music lifts you up; a friend cheers you up; you enjoy some breakthrough or achievement; you fall in love or you have a baby. 

But then the daily wear and tear returns and in some quiet moment the voice inside whispers again: 

  • “Is that all there is?

Where does this question come from? 

  • Where did you get the idea that their could be something far better than what you experience and what you see around you? 

Every day you see unbearable tragedy. It is on the TV news every evening. You watch it but you only feel a little of the agony. 

We are numb. Death is always there but we push it away. It is somewhere else. It is someone else. 

From time to time we go to a funeral. 

Somehow we feel there must be another world. That loved one must be somewhere up there looking down. It is so hard to believe in a final end.

“Dust to dust, ashes to ashes..” and that little voice asks again, 

“Is that all there is?”

Some people try very hard to believe there is actually nothing more. 

They make up a new religion called “ATHEISM.” That means NO-GOD-ism. 

  • It is so hard to believe in nothing but atoms and things, so hard that those people cannot find words to define their belief without using that word GOD, the God who loves them, the God they don’t want to believe in.

There was a young Jewish man in Romania. He was an atheist. 

The faith of his forefathers made no sense to him. But he had an empty place in his soul. He had a spiritual hunger inside. One day he saw some traditional Christians in a church service and something inside him was drawn like a magnet. He joined the praying believers out of curiosity, or so it seemed to him. 

Then he prayed, if you could call it prayer.
  • “Oh God. I don’t believe you exist but if you do exist, it is not my duty to believe in you but your duty to make yourself known to me. If you exist, please show yourself to me.”

He went his way, with his lonely heart still unsatisfied. That question was at the back of his mind.

“There must be more than this. Is this life all there is?”

He didn’t hear the voice but somewhere in his unconscious mind he felt it.

One day he was on a journey in the country. He stopped in a village and looked for a place to sleep. He asked an old man who invited him to stay with him.

This old man deeply loved Jesus and for years he had cried out to God. He had prayed over and over for the blessing of leading a Jewish man to faith in the Jewish Messiah. 

  • When he discovered his young guest was Jewish, he burned with excitement. He treated his guest with the respect and kindness due to a king or to his own son. Then he gave the young man a Bible to read.

When the young man read the Bible, he felt such a love and such a spiritual power that he could not stop weeping. Jesus appeared in the stories as the most wonderful person he ever knew or could ever know. 

If you have some doubts about God, why not challenge God Himself to make Himself known. 

  • If you are sincerely hungry for reality, he will hear you. 

Are you willing to let the reality of God change your life? That is the question.

Jesus said:

"I am the resurrection and the life. He who believes in me will live, even though he dies; and whoever lives and believes in me will never die. Do you believe this?" John 11:25-26 (NIV) 

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